Feast your eyes on these new JF-17 images

Deka Ironwork Simulations DCS: JF-17 looks to be taking yet another step towards being a finished module with the new exterior textures now on display for us to see. It looks incredible!

Check these out

Just about an hour ago, the Deka Ironwork Simulations Facebook page posted the first images of what appear to be the finished textures for the JF-17. They look stunning. From the texture work on the divertless intakes to the light reflecting on the rivets on the side of the aircraft… it’s very impressive!

This is yet another feather in the cap for Deka which appear to be staking a claim as a top rate DCS World developer. They still need to land a successful module launch and we’re waiting to find out when that will happen.

That date is surely not too far away now.

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  1. Fighter Guy says:

    The JF-17 looks stunning! I am very tempted to add this Plane to my collection, but im struggling to fly all the Birds I have in my hanger already so it’ll have to wait. Never the less, im looking forward to tangle with this thing as an AI enemy.


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