DCS: Supercarrier updates, F-16 goes to stable, updates all around

Eagle Dynamics has dropped new details for their DCS: Supercarrier module in development as well as listing their plans for the F-16 and F/A-18C with TWS mode for the radar definitely being a highlight. Let’s see what is coming!

Updates to the F-16C

The biggest update today is the the DCS: F-16C has come to the stable release of DCS World for the first time with enough updates in open beta to warrant bringing it to the stable release. There’s still a substantial list of things to come and Eagle Dynamics has detailed a list of what’s next:

  1. Track While Scan (TWS) radar mode
  2. AUTO steerpoint sequence mode
  3. Corrected flight director (sherm) behavior
  4. Functional CMDS (countermeasures) DED page
  5. New stores drag implementation
  6. Initial data link (Link 16 / MIDS)
  7. External lights
  8. Centerline fuel tank
  9. Corrected lock maintenance when switching master mode
  10. Corrected radar lock-only RWR indication
  11. Corrected INS steerpoint change
  12. Corrected HMCS enable/disable HOTAS command

Of these, I think the Link 16 and TWS radar modes are going to be of a particular interest for a lot of pilots. There’s also been some snarky comments in the community that the F-16 doesn’t yet have external lights – and it looks like ED has been listening to make sure that those are available too (and why not right?).

These updates will be coming on November 20th during the open beta patch update for that week.

Hornet updates coming

The Hornet is getting its own set of updates and apparently once the November 20th update is out for the F-16, the team will be flipping to Hornet for major updates to that module. Here’s what they had to say:

Following the 20 November 2019 Open Beta, we will heavily focus on the Hornet to include such items as Track While Scan (TWS) and AACQ radar modes, updates to the targeting pod, and updates to existing weapons systems and countermeasures.

TWS has been a long awaited feature for the Hornet so it’s nice to know that it’s coming and coming fairly soon if this is any indication. ED has been coding for both Viper and Hornet and that seems to be paying off though not all at once in a single patch.

Supercarrier updates!

We have new images from DCS: Supercarrier as well as little bit of news around what stations will be available and when. Following Early Access release, DCS: Supercarrier will offer the ability to crew the Air Boss and Landing Signal Officer positions. I can see these being very useful and interesting for virtual fighter squadrons operating the Hornet or Tomcat.

Following the early access release, it will later it will be possible to occupy the Air Boss and Landing Signal Officer (LSO) locations in both 2D and VR. All of this will be available in the new DCS: Supercarrier module.

Immersion seems to be the aim here and indeed that seems to be what Supercarrier is all about – adding deck crew, different positions, and lots of details intended to bring you fully into the simulation of what operating from the deck of a supercarrier is all about in 2D and in VR.

New sounds for the Spitfire

The DCS: Spitfire IX has seen a few updates recently to it’s sound and that all seems to have come together with a really nice video showcasing those sounds. Both inside and out, the Spitfire IX seems to have improved the sound quality to an impressive degree. Have a listen!

More updates

There’s plenty more including some recently covered items such as the M-2000C’s big cockpit update and more on the DCS World Weekend News. Check it out!

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  1. Warlock says:

    Good to see Razbam is trying to make amends for the mistakes they have done. I wouldn’t like to see them becoming one of these “fallen” developers. Hopefully Polychop are following suit.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Greg says:

    Just wanted to note that I love what you’re doing here with this site. So rare these days to find a sim site with actual articles as opposed to just news headlines. In particular your Il-2 series reviews were recently invaluable to me as I jumped back into the series after several years away and had to orient myself to the various offerings. This is now one of my first stops on the net each day. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Greg. Many thanks for the kind words about the blog! I’m really glad my reviews were helpful in getting you up to speed with the latest with the IL-2 series. Stop in any time! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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