IL-2 update focuses on fixes, new tanks

It’s only been days since the 4.001 release for IL-2: Great Battles Series went live but 1C Game Studios is pushing forward with the latest updates for IL-2 detailing what will come in the next patch. Up next are some small updates with big impacts and new tanks. Let’s have a look!

Quality of life focused

Sometimes updates bring with them new features or new content but sometimes it’s important to go back over and solve some major problems.

The developer update itself can go into more details but I wanted to provide the overview of the breadth that 1CGS is going to with these quality of life improvements for their series. Here they are:

  • Addressing a problem where aircraft can disappear against a cloud or around the 2km mark
  • The pixelation issue against clouds is finally being improved and may be reduced if not fully removed before the end of the year
  • Excessively long login times are being reduced and long times should be reduced to mere seconds along with the banishment of the ‘login fail #2 error’
  • A solution has been found to solve a problem where rudders are suddenly lost mid flight due to controller noise spikes
  • Operating turrets in tanks and aircraft in VR is getting improved so you won’t have to turn your head with the turret
  • Tank aiming is being improved though maybe not in the next update
  • Tank commanders are getting binoculars
  • Aircraft AI improvements should prevent the AI from crashing so often during ground attacks in hilly areas
  • Ground vehicle AI will apparently now navigate better through villages

All of these will solve problems for players of IL-2. I am most looking forward to improving the cloud pixelation issue which we’ve heard is quite difficult to fix but perhaps now has a new solution. This has been an issue since the series released.

New Su-122 assault gun, Panther tank

The Su-122 is due in the next patch coming in just a few weeks. This self propelled artillery vehicle was based on the T-34 tank and featured a massive 122 mm M-30S howitzer. It has some downsides with no turret and a limited vertical adjustment range of +-10 degrees. If it does land a shot, however, it will likely kill every tank in the sim in that first shot such is the power of the 122 mm cannon.

Then we have the Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.D “Panther” or more simply, the Panther tank. This medium tank was designed to replace the Panzer III and IV and was meant as a compliment to the Tiger tank. The Panther was fast, highly mobile, but not as well protected as the Tiger on the flanks and thus was vulnerable to flanking fire. It should prove to be a deadly opponent.

New trailers, reviews coming soon

I already covered it but just in-case you missed it, two new trailers were released in the last week showing off Flying Circus Vol 1 and IL-2: Battle of Kuban.

Speaking of Flying Circus (and IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte), I’ve got my full reviews of both titles nearing completion. It’s taken me some time to write these as it’s been quite a busy life recently but I’m hoping to put the finishing touches on these over the next few days. Stay tuned for that!

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