Free mini-campaign for M-2000C by Baltic Dragon coming soon

If you’ve been waiting for Baltic Dragon’s follow-up campaign for the Red Flag M-2000C campaign, your wait is about to get a bit easier as a teaser mini-campaign set on the Persian Gulf Map is being released sometime hopefully by the end of this month. The timing couldn’t be better with the revamped M-2000C cockpit now released. Here’s some details!

After Red Flag, before the next conflict

Baltic Dragon’s M-2000C Red Flag campaign featured 16 story driven missions with preparations being made for a fictional multi-national intervention in the middle east. The campaign carried forward characters and events from the Caucasus campaign released with the M-2000C. Now, we have a mini-campaign that helps bridge the gap between Red Flag and the next major campaign.

Here’s what Baltic Dragon had to say on r/Hoggit earlier today:

With the updated M-2000C I think it is time to officially announce the Coup d’Etat free mini- campaign for Mirage. In 3 missions (with 350 voiceovers) you will experience the events leading to a major conflict in the Strait of Hormuz. ETA: hopefully still in November. More info to follow soon! [screenshot by Tim Smith]

Baltic Dragon on r/Hoggit

Caucasus campaign update

Baltic Dragon is also going back over the Caucasus campaign that shipped with M-2000C originally, performing a number of updates to the campaign.

Hey guys! With the upcoming changes to the M-2000C, including the cockpit upgrade, some functionality changes etc., in the coming days I’ll be busy with making sure that both the campaigns work once the update is released (before you ask: I don’t have the exact date!). I will also be updating the manual and then the training missions, and to give you something to do, I will also soon be releasing a free 3-mission mini-campaign based in the Persian Gulf, linked directly with the M-2000C Red Flag.

Baltic Dragon on Facebook

These updates should help to make sure the campaign works smoothly even with all of the recent changes. Stay tuned for that.

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