More videos from X019 on Flight Simulator

Following the latest trailer release from Microsoft Flight Simulator at the Microsoft X019 event in London, we’ve had a bunch of content come from different places. I wanted to compile some of the most interesting content for your viewing enjoyment.

Interviews and more

IGN did an interview with Jorg Neumann from the Microsoft team talking about all things Microsoft Flight Simulator. There’s some interesting tidbits that suggest some deeper systems modeling, talk about different challenges that are intended to be built into the final version,

Jeff Favgnanon’s trailer breakdown

Worried that you missed some details from the second trailer? Jeff Favignano has you covered with a detailed, 36-minute breakdown of everything in the trailer. It’s got some great details so be sure to check that out.

Plenty of coverage from FSElite

FSElite’s coverage at X019 has been great with a few videos coming out starting with a great 20-minute Q&A with Jorg Neumann from the Flight Simulator team.

They also have a similar video to what IGN released with a cities tour of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Finally, FSElite got a check to get hands on with the new sim (lucky!) and they were able to take it out for a test or two. They have a hands-on discussion on what they experienced so far. Check that out too!

Accessibility is a consideration

Not a video but still interesting to share. An article by PCGamesN asked about accessibility from the point of view of someone with a physical disability that might prevent them from experiencing a flight simulator (or any game). To the point where potentially even blind people could have an experience with the sim. I’m very interested to see how they will accomplish that but it’s an interesting project – something potentially only Microsoft could pursue given the resources needed. Read more about accessibility in Flight Simulator here.

Addressing a 100,000 pilot shortage

Another article from PCGamesN to round things out with a short overview of a subject I touched on not too long ago (based on a news story) that there is a severe crisis building in aviation where a shortage of pilots is really causing issues in the industry. Check out their short piece and links to more on that subject.

Anything you’ve seen that was interesting?

As often as I try and do a round-up of some of the most interesting content out there for flight simulation, I’m sure there’s more than I’m missing. If you saw a video or read an article that you think I should share, be sure to leave me a comment below and I’ll either add it to this article or write a new round-up.

I hope you enjoyed!

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