IL-2’s Autumn Sale begins with 75% discounts!

Lots of excitement around the IL-2 series right now as a 75% sale kicks in and a major announcement arrives tomorrow sometime. If you wanted to fill your hangar with some IL-2 content, now is a fantastic time to add some aircraft in!

The sale is on (or will be for Steam)

Here are all of the details from the post made by Jason Williams a couple of hours ago:

Dear Pilots!
The Autumn Sale is here to officially kick-off the Holiday Shopping Season and we are giving you the opportunity to purchase our older Great Battles modules, Scripted Campaigns and Collector Planes for an amazing 75% OFF!! Our latest Scripted Campaign Achtung Spitfire! is 25% is Off.

No doubt you will want to pick up our latest titles, but in case you don’t already own some of our previous titles, this makes it a perfect time! Remember, these make great Christmas gifts for friends, family or wingmates! 
Nov. 26th – Dec. 3rd 2019 in IL-2 Webstore (It’s live)
Nov. 26th – Dec. 3rd 2019 on Steam (Begins 11/26/19 10:00am Pacific Time)
BOS = 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore and Steam)
BOM = 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore and Steam)
BOK = 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore and Steam)
All Collector Planes = 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore and Steam) (Excludes Yak-9, Yak-9T and Hurricane)

Blazing Steppe = 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore and Steam)
Fortress on the Volga = 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore and Steam)
Ten Days of August = 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore Only)
Havoc Over the Kuban = 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore Only)
Achtung Spitfire! = 25% OFF (IL-2 Webstore Only)

IL-2 Official Webstore


Cliffs of Dover: BLITZ – 75% Off (IL-2 Webstore Only)
All Rise of Flight Content = 75% OFF (ROF Webstore and Steam)
IMPORTANT NOTE: The $10 OFF Early Access discount for Battle of Bodenplatte and Flying Circus in the IL-2 Webstore will be expiring on December 17th, 2019. If you want to get that discount please don’t delay!
NOTE: having at least the base game (Stalingrad) on Steam means you can launch it from the Steam client without entering a login and password and you can access your IL-2 content purchased elsewhere if you link the accounts.

Jason Williams on the IL-2 forums

Yak-9 and Hurricane Collector Plane mention

Interesting note that the Hurricane and Yak-9 (and 9T) Collector Planes were mentioned in this post. They don’t currently appear on the webstore but I expect they will appear shortly (perhaps tomorrow).

At this point we still don’t know if the Yak-9 and Yak-9T will be sold as separate, independent aircraft, or if they will be sold together in a package. Depending on the features that each of them bring to the table, it could be enough to call them separate. Especially if the Yak-9 also gets the 9B, 9D or even 9DD modifications and the Yak-9T gets the Yak-9K (45mm cannon) modifications. Unknown if they will do that but I expect to know more tomorrow!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Blue 5 says:

    Is the announcement the sale? I ask as I thought ‘Flash Traffic’ was a reference to the Pacific Theatre (Midway water de-salinator message).

    But it is the 26th now…


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I don’t think it’s the sale. Stay tuned.


  2. Benoît Le Noan says:

    The new collector aircraft are available in pre-order.

    I doubt that the sales are the Morse code announcement but I may be wrong…


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Seems unlikely.


  3. Nick J says:

    Battle of Normandy available for pre-order!


  4. Jonathon Coughlin says:

    good job using the U2 as the key art here. everyone should buy the U2 and fly with us. 20 bird U2 raid.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      20 aircraft U-2VS raid would be amazing!


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