KOTA fly-out event coming up December 15th

Fans of IL-2 multiplayer looking for a large scale server event on the horizon need look no further than KOTA (Knights of the Air)’s upcoming fly-out event coming up this December 15th. Here are some of the details and ways to get involved!

Take to the (virtual) skies on December 15th

Posted earlier to IL-2 forums, Facebook group, and on the KOTA discord, was an announcement about an upcoming fly-out event. It’s an open invite for players to come join the KOTA server for some IL-2 multiplayer fun with this specific event based around the Battle of the Don river and I would guess would focus on the battle for Kalach on the Stalingrad map.

Here are the details!

This coming Sunday, December 15th at 1800 GMT (1800 UTC, 1900CET, 13000 EST, 1000 PST) we have another flyout event on the “Knights of the Air (KOTA)”. This flyout will take place on the BattleofDon map mission. Emphasis again will be on the mission and the immersion of teamwork. So Attackers and Bombers go for the Target, and CAP fighters protect your strike packages. AI formations might be present on the map. Land at the airfield for refuel, rearm and repair (RRR) in the area next to the green smoke column and take off on mission again! So if you have time and want to have fun in Il2: join the KOTA discord and enjoy working as a team!

AXIS (Blue Team): Your mission is to help our offensive by destroying various trains, bridges, industry and fortifications. But watch out, the VVS has airfields nearby on some of the targets. The cold cold winter will result in higher airspeeds for our planes.

Good luck Kameraden!

ALLIED (Red Team): Your mission is to halt the enemys’ advance by destroying the bridges in the south, their central forward airfield and fortification positions. You must also destroy an industrial site the enemy is now using. Use the cold weather wisely!

The motherland counts on you Tavarishi and fellow pilots from the Allied service!


Find out more about the KOTA server from the following links:

Also check out the Community Q&A I did with the server organizers to find out more about what Knights of the Art is all about.

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