Chuck’s Guides for the JF-17 is out

Training on a new DCS World module can take some serious time before you start to feel like you have a good handle on how to fly the aircraft nevermind fight in it. Fortunately we have plenty of YouTube tutorials out there and then we have Chuck’s Guides which is one of the most in-depth and yet simple to understand guides out there. His DCS: JF-17 guide is now out and it’s worth the download!

Get the guide now

We’ve had a preview guide for a few weeks now but it seems that Chuck has been double-timing it as he has put together a 392 page guide on how to fly and fight in the DCS: JF-17 Thunder. The guide has everything from an introduction and brief history of the aircraft to radar, sensors, datalink, and IFF information.

It’s all there and you can check it out over here at under Chuck’s Guides.


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