Next KOTA fly-in event comes just a week after the first

If you missed last week’s Knights of the Air fly-in event or if you were there and had so much fun that you want to go back, the admins of that server want to invite everyone back again to fly in this weekend’s server event. Here are the details!

Battle for Novorossysk!

The next battle featured on the KOTA fly-in event features the Kuban bridgehead and the Battle of Novorossysk. This historical battle is the basis for the next server event happening December 22nd at 18:30 GMT (18:30 UTC, 19:30CET, 13:30 EST, 10:30PST).

Here’s the full statement:

Hello all – this Sunday, December 22nd at 18:30 GMT (1830 UTC, 1930CET, 0130 EST, 1030PST) a flyout happens on “Knights of the Air (KOTA)”. This event will take place over the Kuban Bridgehead – the “Battle for Novorossysk”! Once again we focus on the missions and the great experience teamwork brings to all participants. So Strike Packages, offensive and defensive CAP as well an inbound and exfil-escort CAP will have a role for everyone. Land and taxi for Rearm, Refuel and Repair (RRR) next to the green smoke and take off back on mission! AI formations might cause additional surprises.

There’s a message for Blue Team:

AXIS (Blue Team): The Oberkommando has deemed to Port of Novorossysk as a strategic target in our Kuban Operations. While the currently hinders our offensive it is deemed expendable for future use – the Port must go! Your task is to completely deny its infrastructure to enemy use. Take out the shipping, oil and industrial infrastructure as well as its defenses. Simultaneously you must relieve pressure on the ground by countering two tank pushes on the northern flank on the peninsula. Our next offensive push is gathering around the northern flank, provide them with cover and keep vital bridges intact. Routine patrols are ordered around our forward artillery position and our vital forward fuel depot.

You have your orders. The rest is up to you Kameraden!

And one for Red Team:

ALLIED (Red Team): The enemy seems to prepare for further offensive operations in the Kuban Peninsula. We must therefore disrupt his operations along the entire frontline. In the north we have identified an offensive push gathering around a strategic river crossing, destroy the assembling forces and the bridges. We were also able to recon a forward fuel depot – destroying it means their tanks are in short fuel supply soon! Our tank counter-pushes on the northern are increasingly bogged down by artillery – disrupt its operation. Routine attacks on the enemy’s positions threatening Novorossysk have to also be kept at the usual pace. There are also rumors about a strategic operation against our industrial port infrastructue in Novorossysk – but no additional information has come forward. But we must increase our defensive patrols there nonetheless. The port must stay open!

​​​​​​​Good luck Tavarishi and Comrades from the Allied Pilot Exchange!

Interested? Find out more about the KOTA server from the following links:

If I’m available, I’ll definitely be on to do some flying. Hope to see people there!

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