Eagle Dynamics shows off P-47D-30, WWII assets, Fw190A-8 skin contest

It’s been long awaited and it is looking closer and closer to completion – it’s the P-47D-30 Thunderbolt for DCS World and Eagle Dynamics is showing us some of the most detailed images of that aircraft yet. We’re also getting a great look at some new WWII assets including the V-1, search lights, and the Ju88A-4. Plus, Eagle Dynamics has launched a skin contest for their Fw190A-8.

Thunderbolts in the sky

It’s the best look we’ve had of the DCS: P-47D-30 and they are seriously impressive images with fine detailing on the aluminum skin of this iconic American fighter for DCS: WWII.

Eagle Dynamics reports that they are in the process of finishing the cockpit, making improvements to the exterior, and finishing up some work on the various weapon systems for the aircraft.

I am looking forward to this aircraft for DCS WWII and Eagle Dynamics indicates that it will be coming soon – and judging by the latest images, that soon will be in a matter just a couple of months now.

New WWII assets

Additional WWII assets are being added to the asset pack including the Ju88A-4 which has been shown in new screenshots in beautiful detail including being shown with air dropped torpedoes. A new feature for DCS World.

There are also search lights and the Fi-103… better known as the V-1.

DCS: Fw190A-8 skin contest

Eagle Dynamics has started up a skin contest for the DCS: Fw190A-8. The contest will tap the talents of skin artists around the community to create a selection of skins for the aircraft. You will need to base the skin on the available template and adhere to a few rules:

  • The skin must be created using this template.
  • The skin can be historically accurate or fictional. However, the skin must be associated with one of the countries currently present in DCS World.
  • Please do not use nazi swastika.

For more information, check out the contest information on the DCS World Weekend News update.

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