Heatblur offers Q1 2020 mini-update on DCS: F-14

There’s been a little less to report about the excellent DCS: F-14 by Heatblur recently but Heatblur is working away on finishing many of the promised features and content for the module and they have offered up a Q1 2020 update for the Tomcat in DCS World. Let’s have a look!

Forrestal carrier, F-14A, more on the way

Looking better than ever, the work in progress USS Forrestal carrier for DCS: F-14

Heatblur has a lot to be proud of with the DCS: F-14 launch and the F-14B in DCS World is among the best looking and functioning modules in DCS World bar none. Heatblur have promised us more than just the F-14B as an accompanying F-14A (with the infamous TF-30 engines and the reliability and power issues that come along with them) is planned along with the AI A-6 Intruder, the USS Forrestal, and a couple of campaigns that are underway.

Their goal now is to bring a lot of this content to bear along with some promised updates and features such as TWS-A mode for the radar, AIM-54 Phoenix updates via the DCS World missile API, and more. Unfortunately it seems like Heatblur has run into some challenges along the way:

Both AIM-54 additions and TWS-A were developed together, in one leading edge development branch that was very close to launch last year. Unfortunately, we suffered a large setback with the new missile API in DCS not working as intended in Multiplayer. Decoupling all of the features that were to launch combined together proved an insurmountable task, and we hectically backtracked and pushed stripped down builds of the F-14 in the last patches of 2019.

Cobra847 on the DCS World forums

Despite delays, Heatblur reports that they intend to begin adding features through Q1 (ending March 31st) so we should see plenty of updates (including JESTER LANTIRN) to come to the F-14 over the course of the next few months and over the year.

To that point, Heatblur have stated that they wish to see the F-14 ship as a completed and final module before it reaches 2-years old in early access. Given the success that the module has seen and the impressive nature that it shipped in, a think any delays can easily be forgiven with a clear path being laid out for the next few months.

Read the full update over here on the DCS World forums.

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  1. BlueHeron says:

    Glad you’re paying attention, I would have missed much of the news were it not for this blog.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I do my best! More news from some DCS third parties coming out today that I’ll be putting together soon!

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