Two DCS campaigns announce they will use DCS: Supercarrier

The authors of two in development DCS: F/A-18C Hornet campaigns for DCS World have both announced that after thinking things through that they will be using the new DCS: Supercarrier module in their campaigns. Here’s the latest!

Raven One goes Supercarrier

Baltic Dragon’s Raven One campaign is being developed with the author of the book that it’s based on as well as real world former fighter pilots that have now created the Fighter Pilot Podcast. In a post made early today, it has been announced that the campaign will be using Supercarrier:

Dear all,

After long discussion with Kevin and Vincent we’ve decided to build Raven One campaign around the upcoming DCS Supercarrier module. There are many reasons, but I will list the most relevant ones below:

1. We strive to bring you the most realistic F/A-18 experience. It wouldn’t be complete without living deck, ATC and all the rest of the features.

2. Some of the launches (like Bandar Abbas one) are huge and not possible to set up using currently available carriers. You simply cannot launch 10-12 aircraft in desired order with existing 4 parking spots…

3. We are planning to make use of additional facilities, like the briefing room (though we have to wait and see how it works in practice).

Posting it now while Supercarrier is 50% off for those who already own the Hornet. Therefore if you plan to try Raven One and don’t have the Supercarrier yet, it might be a good time to grab it!

Baltic Dragon on his Facebook page

So does Bold Cheetah

Seldo, the maker of the superb Eastern Friendship campaign for the F/A-18C is well on his way into developing a second more full featured campaign for the Hornet and he too has said that DCS: Supercarrier is going to be the best way forward for his plans with the campaign.

DCS: Supercarrier looks like an essential item for Hornet fliers looking to check out either of these two campaigns. It can be pre-purchased for just $25 if you already own the Hornet (via the DCS store anyways) and is also available via the Hornet, Supercarrier, Su-33 bundle for $64.99.

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