Dual mini-updates for DCS: F-16C, F/A-18C

Matt Wagner from Eagle Dynamics has put up two mini-updates for the DCS: F-16C Viper and DCS: F/A-18C Hornet today that detail the latest work that is being done on the two fourth gen multi-role fighter jets from Eagle Dynamics and what can expect to see next. There’s some interesting information for Hornet and Viper pilots so let’s have a look!

Viper gets a gunsight and more

The DCS: F-16C Viper was a little light on some features out of the gate and while Eagle Dynamics have made some significant strides to the jet (adding everything from wingflex to TWS radar modes and datalink capabilities in short order) there’s one that bugs a few of us and that’s a radar directed gunsight. That’s coming soon now!

The radar directed gun sight is working great internally based on EEGS Level 5 sighting. It is very stable and practically a sniper weapon. Starting tomorrow, the team will be creating the dogfight HUD (Attitude Awareness in DGFT).

Matt Wagner

That sounds pretty awesome!

There are other features coming as well:

  • The afterburner effect has been greatly improved. Quite a blow torch now!
  • Fuel flows have been tuned to be more accurate based on available data.
  • Turn performance further adjusted regarding over Mach 1 below 8,000 ft MSL.
  • Wind is better accounted for in the flight model and displayed air speeds.
  • Several updates to the INS and alignment system.
  • Corrected PPLI display in network play.
  • Updates to the AIM-120 that include launch delay and HUD cue centering in the TD box.
  • Added ILS declutter function.
  • Adjusted the command steering cue localizer to be less sensitive.
  • Corrected AA TCN error.
  • Added further functions to the Link 16 system.
  • Added cursor switch depress to switch between AIM-9 BORE and SLAVE modes.

These and apparently “many more” updates are coming and will be listed in detail in the next Open Beta changelog.

Hornet feature updates

Matt Wagner also published a list of features that the Hornet is seeing updated in the next update and there are a few in this list that I’m particularly excited about. First, here’s the full list:

  • The radar directed gun sight has been updated to make it much more stable and accurate. It feels like a new weapon! I plan to create a video on this soon.
  • AIM-9X and JHMCS tones have been corrected.
  • A lot of work is being put on the targeting pod pointing modes. This includes slave to CCIP and AUTO points and the slave to the velocity vector. This should greatly improve targeting with the pod.
  • Missile Rmax between the HUD and DDI have been adjusted.
  • We are adding the ability to mount the targeting pod on the station 4 cheek station. In order to do this correctly, we must first recreate the 3D model of the pod because the current model does not support this (cooling intake is on the wrong side of the pod).
  • Corrected the B-sweep line.
  • Added fly-out symbols for TWS mode.
  • Corrected menu freeze that could potentially happen with GPS weapons.
  • There will be more items and they will all be included in the change log.

It’s interesting how similar the development efforts are now between the F-16C and F/A-18C with the first item on the list also being the radar directed gunsight. The F/A-18C’s radar directed gunsight has been available since the start of early access but it has always been a bit jumpy. While I appreciated that as possibly just a quirk of the aircraft’s systems, it is apparently seeing an update that seems to mirror what has been done with the Viper.

I’m also very excited about the ability to mount the targeting pod to the station 4 cheek station – replacing the typically mounted AIM-120 or AIM-7 that is normally positioned there. Why? Options for targeting pod positions are always useful and it means that a more diverse variety of armament options is opened up with this option.

Most or all of these updates are intended for the next DCS World Open Beta. For the full details go check out the F-16C Viper mini-update and the F/A-18C Hornet mini-update for more.

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