Torquesim bringing all new Cirrus SR22 to X-Plane 11

It’s been a while since I did any X-Plane 11 news as not too much has caught my eye recently although there will be more to report on very soon from the sounds of things. This update did catch my eye – it’s an all new Cirrus SR22 coming from Torquesim and it looks like it may be a great new general aviation aircraft for X-Plane 11. One worth looking out for. Here are the details!

Looks great!

Quality for X-Plane 11 aircraft vary from the exceptionally detailed to the very basic with just about everything in between. This new aircraft from Torquesim is the follow up from their ‘Pocket Rocket’ (based on an Impulse 100) that has been very well regarded. High resolution textures, PBR, beautiful modeling detail and care, are all there. This SR22 appears to be following in the same vein.

Featuring a good pedigree

What really caught my eye was their flight model which is advertised as a “High-fidelity flight model created by Austin Meyer of Laminar Research.” Austin Meyer is one of the key developers behind X-Plane’s flight model. So if anyone will be able to extract the maximum possible detail and performance for this aircraft in X-Plane, it will be Austin Meyer.

Other features include a G1000 simulation based on the built in Laminar X1000 with some add-on’s including synthetic vision programmed into the simulation, a custom programmed electrical system, custom tail number utility, and persistent systems – which I take to mean that the aircraft’s state will be saved between flights.

The Cirrus SR20 series was an aircraft that I wanted to buy a version of in X-Plane 11 but had always been dissuaded for one reason or another. This one might just find it’s way into the sim as a very highly detailed and featured GA aircraft for X-Plane.

Unrelated to this aircraft release specifically, I will have more thoughts about the latest details on X-Plane 11 also coming from me soon!

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