Deka provides mini-JF-17 update

Air-to-air refueling (AAR) is a pretty handy thing to have and Deka Ironwork Simulations is keen to add the ability to their DCS: JF-17 module to match some of the most recent updates to the real life JF-17. They have now provided a quick update on how far along they are with this and how they plan to implement it.

One aircraft, two configurations

Early work in progress AAR refueling probe on the JF-17.

The Block 1 JF-17 Thunder in real life did not initially have the ability to do aerial refueling, however, Block 2 and retrofitted Block 1 aircraft have had the ability added on. With notoriously short legs, the ability to do AAR is of particular need for the DCS: JF-17 in multiplayer and single player operations and so Deka Ironwork Simulations is on the case and they have made it a key priority.

Besides bug fix, AAR will be our current top priority.

In the following months, we will temporarily on hold the update of external/cockpit model update, but focus on model modification for upcoming AAR feature. In parallel, our programmers will start the AAR coding.

Deka Ironwork Simulations

They have also revealed how they intend to implement the feature.

Regarding AAR details, we consider to keep only one aircraft in our module, but players can contact ground crew to “mount/remove” the fuel probe (may need longer time, like 1-2 minutes?). We don’t consider other upgrade but just add AAR capability.

Deka Ironwork Simulations

This all sounds great to me and it’s a way for Deka to maintain just one module with the optional AAR probe attached when needed. I do, however, think that a longer time isn’t strictly speaking a necessary feature – in real life it’d either be fitted or not fitted so I would prefer it just to appear.

Although Deka is making AAR a more immediate priority (next to bug fixing), bug fixing is also key for them and then later on there will be some other updates. Further updating the visuals in the JF-17 cockpit will go a long way towards polishing the module.

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