Tank Crew gets binoculars, plus damage model updates, more!

A new IL-2: Great Battles developer diary is out and it covers some interesting news for the series. Binoculars are coming for Tank Crew tank commanders which has been an oft requested feature. Plus there are some big updates coming for the damage model for the whole series. Here’s what we know!

I can see clearly now

Attention to detail is something that always impresses me and so when I look at the new binoculars for Tank Crew… I have nothing but praise for the attention to detail. They are so visceral that it kind of jumps out of the screen. I’ve used binoculars like these before so maybe it helps add to the feeling.

Tactically it should make the role of the commander a lot more interesting with the ability to see much further into the distance and potentially spot something far off that you might not have been able to spot otherwise.

Damage calculation update

The IL-2 series has, in my opinion, the best damage model system of any combat flight sim that I’ve experienced. However, it’s not perfect and there are some issues here and there (that P-47 engine for example) that need to be addressed. Best is also relative and with DCS World bringing their own updates and improvements to their damage model system, it’ll be interesting to see both series push forward with improvements in this area.

Airframe damage calculations, explosive and fragmentation calculations are all part of the update and these updates apparently apply to all objects in the sim. No doubt this will change the experience overall and so we’ll see what kind of influence they have. It will likely require a bit of an adjustment after the patch goes live.

AI and other updates

Meanwhile, 1CGS also reports that AI updates are continuing. This has been a near constant since they were able to hire an AI programmer and it’s been a major quality of life improvement to see the AI behave in different ways and become somewhat less predictable. The next set of updates will apparently improve their vertical fighting skills.

They have apparently also eliminated a source of a bug that causes hit sounds not to work in some occasions.

As always, it’s good to see both new content as well as the core of the IL-2 simulation improve. Sometimes these updates take time and so it’s great to see the fruits of their labour improve the overall IL-2: Great Battles experience.

For the full update check it out right here!


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  1. bigalrico says:

    I remain curious about the AI improvements. To my delight (after I started a bomber career) the AI seems to have improved a lot since the last time, which increases the fun a lot.
    Just as well the calculations on the damage model 😀
    And of course not to forget the binoculars which will be a welcome addition for TC.

    PS: Your review about the Panther is great 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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