VKB sales delayed due to Coronavirus

VKB-Sim has slowly been releasing new products recently and making an effort to put more stock into their various international stores over the last several months. Their new F-14 grip has certainly had some people looking at it for their next grip. Now, however, it appears that the Coronavirus outbreak in China is directly affecting their business and putting a delay into their efforts. This is according to a news post on the r/HOTAS group on Reddit. Here’s the details.

Stocked but delayed

Here’s the official statement,

Hi pilots,

I heard people asking about re-stocking after the end of Chinese New Year. Sure it is coming: we dispatched a decent shipment to Europe right before the holiday started AFAIK, it has already arrived in EU. USA shop has no storage, US buyers receive their devices right from China by drop shipping.

So when will we resume shipping to the States?

The answer is – as soon as we can. NO! we’re not out of stock.

We have full storage, as we were planning to start shipping right after holidays.

However “after holidays” is a vague definition, as now the holidays are forcefully extended.

Things are worse here than you see on TV – this is all I can say. We are not in Wuhan, and don’t even share a border with Hubei province. We are more or less safe so far, and taking good care of ourselves. But still quarantine is no joke. It’s pretty much a 24/7 curfew. No there are no water or food shortages, but pretty much everything came to a stall, from public transport to logistic companies and customs. You can’t just walk out of your walled neighborhood at will, and if you commute to work you will have to pass a patrol car with a poster like “Before you enter the highway, please think: there is a chance we will not let you in when you come back”.

UIV, the business owner, is stuck in Taiwan with little chance to come home any time soon: most of flights are cancelled, seats on remaining flights are reserved for officials and aid personnel.

I’m not grumbling or complaining, this is life. Just telling you guys, we’re not wasting time, even we are not allowed to go to office. We are stocked up and ready to resume sales as soon as the customs and the mail operators return to normal work. Also, after we’re back we’re going to produce another batch of WH adapters for our bases, and one more set of no-center cams, as we were asked.

Everything will be fine soon! 🙂

VKB-Sim on r/HOTAS

I wish everyone affected the best and hope that things can be contained. VKB-Sim resuming normal operations will be great for fans of their products with the new F-14 grip being of particular interest for some sim pilots (and still maintaining a 10% discount for DCS: F-14 owners).

VKB’s new F-14 Tomcat grip

This post isn’t really about the Coronavirus (more than enough has been said by people who know far more about it than me) but it is a reminder of the global nature of commerce, our simulation hobby, and the companies that provide gear to support it. When something as disruptive as an outbreak happens… it affects everything. Worth remembering.

I am hoping for the best!

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