Knights of the Air releases new server trailer

Knights of the Air, one of the more popular IL-2 multiplayer servers out there, has released a trailer showcasing what their server is all about in 2020 along with a list of scenarios and features that they are supporting. Have you flown on the KOTA server yet? It’s worth checking out!

All new trailer

KOTA’s new introduction trailer goes over the basics of what the multiplayer server community is all about and gives an overview of the scenarios that they are currently maintaining on their server. Have a look right here!

What’s KOTA all about?

Knights of the Air is an IL-2 multiplayer server with a wide variety of missions covering both the eastern front and the western front. In my experience, the scenarios have focused on having medium travel distances between targets with some scenarios being very short meaning the air combat happens far more often with a lot of swirling battles going on.

The server runs several scenarios including the following:

  • Battle of Kerch Peninsula
  • Battle of Red October
  • Battle of Huertgen Forest
  • Operation Bodenplatte

Each of these is based on a historical scenario with historically based aircraft sets with an eye to balance as well. Custom skins are allowed, the player aircraft icon is off (for realistic navigation), and targets are defended by flak. In short, the folks who run KOTA are trying to provide a compelling multiplayer experience that has a bit of everything.

Want to know more about the Knights of the Air server? Well, you can read my Community Q&A with the team members here or you can link to some of the resources for KOTA below:

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