Game files suggest fuel tanks coming to IL-2 soon

A feature that has been long requested for the IL-2 series has been the ability to fly with drop tanks – expendable fuel tanks that expand the range of your aircraft and can then be tossed away when no longer needed or when entering into combat. Now, we have information that they may be coming sooner than later!

Long planed, coming soon?

Even before IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad came out, fans were asking for drop tanks to be added to the series. 1CGS has also talked a few times about doing the feature and that they would want to make sure that, in doing it, they added the necessary layers and features to fuel management – above and beyond just doing drop tanks.

Early this year, Jason Williams wrote the following in one of his Briefing Room posts.

Our Lead Engineer An.Petrovich will be working to improve our fuel system modeling in the coming year along with drop tanks so you can cover some of our larger maps in a 109 and not run out of fuel!

Jason Williams

Now, we have the next confirmation that the feature is moving along. The art team has done texture work for drop tanks and IL-2 forum user Pierre64 noticed in one of the IL-2 game files that there were textures corresponding to 75 gallon, 108 gallon, and 300 liter drop tanks. You can see these below.

It’s been a long wait but drop tanks appear to be well on their way to coming to IL-2 along with enhanced fuel system management. Likely a welcome feature for those looking for added depth to the World War II warbird experience.

More on this as we learn about it!


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  1. Diggun says:

    Wot no slipper tanks for Spits?

    I jest, I’m sure we’ll see these as well 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I wouldn’t take these as being all that they are doing. Stay tuned when we get more official info!


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