DCS patch, F-16/F-18 dogfight improvements, M-2000C campaign update, AV-8B dev update

Time for a bit of a news update from around the DCS World community that I haven’t been able to fit into other updates. This is a round-up of the latest including a developer update for the AV-8B, M-2000C, some F-16 and F/A-18 dogfight updates, and news on the latest DCS World patch.

Bug fixes incoming

DCS World’s 2.5.6 open beta arrived late last week and while it is beautiful with the updated lighting systems, it is also more than a little bit buggy. Many multiplayer servers temporarily rolled back until the problems can be fixed. On Steam, clients couldn’t even log in which necessitated Steam users to roll back to be able to fly at all. Fortunately, help seems to be on the way with Steam login issues fixed (and the open beta patch now available on Steam) and DCS World Community Manager BigNewy reporting that a patch will come this week to help fix some problems:

To be clear this only addresses the bug with steam version not starting.

We will have another patch later in the week also

BIGNEWY on DCS World forums

Good news indeed!

Dogfight improvements

Both DCS: F-16C Viper and DCS: F/A-18C Hornet have had some updates to a critical system – the radar assisted gun targeting system. The F-16’s was added (and not really presented previously) while the F/A-18C’s system is now more stable and precise than previously.

Matt Wagner walks us through the changes in a video detailing the updates and with a description of how to use the F-16’s system.

M-2000C training mission updates

RAZBAM and Baltic Dragon have been busy working on the training materials for the DCS: M-2000C module for DCS World. The fourth gen delta wing jet fighter has seen a ton of updates and a complete refresh late in 2019. Now the training materials are catching up with a new manual and new training missions to match.

Good news – I just finished working on the update of all M-2000C training missions (both in Caucasus and NTTR) in order to reflect the recent changes to the module. I am waiting for new voiceovers and then I will submit the whole package to RAZBAM.

Apart from some new content, I am also adding relevant pages from the manual to the kneeboard for each mission for reference. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Baltic Dragon on his Facebook page

I will definitely be working my way through the new training when it becomes available.

DCS: AV-8B gets nav updates

Overlay 1 for the DCS: AV-8B’s flight planning – Nice!

RAZBAM’s other module, the AV-8B Harrier has been missing a few features since it launched into early access a couple of years ago. In the last several months, RAZBAM has been working hard to bring the type forward towards complete and final release adding features like JDAM bombs and making a variety of displays and panels complete.

This next one is a small but vital navigation implement – the flight plan route is now visible.

Overlay 1 is now enabled. Flight plan route is now visible. Next step is NSEQ (non-sequential) routing.

RAZBAM on their Facebook page

Small… yet critical. Glad to see it in.

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