1CGS confirms attendance at FSExpo, Expo asks who you want to see in attendance

A doubleheader for FSExpo information this week as the conference organizers are asking the audience – who do you want to see at the expo! Plus, Jason Williams has made a small post about FSExpo, the 1CGS booth confirmed to be there, and more. Let’s have a look!

1CGS at FSExpo

Jason Williams made a post earlier this week talking about his plans for the 1CGS booth at FSExpo 2020 which is being held at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. Here’s what Jason has to say about his plans for this year:

The Flight-Sim Expo will once again be happening, this time in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada at the Tropicana Hotel June 12th – 14th 2020. Previous shows were a lot of fun and gives me a chance to hang out with flight-simmers from all over the world in person. Sturmovik will once again have a strong presence with cockpits to play Sturmovik. We’ll likely share our space with another quality partner like we did last year. Check out www.flightsimexpo.com for more information and to register. I live in Las Vegas and this town offers fun like no other. I would love for as many of you to attend as possible. The show has grown every year and it’s a good time. I hope we can debut a new aircraft there as we did last year.

Jason Williams on the IL-2 forums

Last year, 1CGS occupied one of the bigger stations at the expo with three regular booths featuring VIRPIL hardware, track IR headsets, and the official launch of the Me262.

The booth last year also had the GForceFactory motion platform and an HTC Vive VR headset setup. This was actually my first VR experience with IL-2 and I was supremely spoiled by experiencing it with the motion provided by the GForceFactory platform. If I had $9k USD ready to shell out on something like that… I probably would. It felt positively immersive.

Ok, so that was last year at the expo and Jason hasn’t announced who their partner will be this year but I’m sure they will have something similar setup. The hope is also to be able to debut a new aircraft for the series around the time of the expo. Looking at the currently expected release order, my hope is that maybe we’ll see something like the Spitfire XIV – an aircraft worthy of a bit of fanfare just as the Me262 was.

FSExpo organizers ask who you want to see at the expo

Posted on their Facebook page earlier today, FSExpo organizers want to know who you want to see at the Expo this year. The exhibitors list growing and includes quite a few very well known names in the industry including the following:

Think you have some more that you’d like to see? Pop over to the FSExpo Facebook page or message them on Twitter and let them know!

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