More details on FlyingIron Sim’s DCS: A-7E Corsair II

It took nearly all of us by complete surprise that a new third party developer had joined the collection of developers building for DCS World and they were bringing with them a newly licensed and announced DCS: A-7E Corsair II. Now, we’re learning a few more details on the new module plus we’re getting a look at their texture work so far – and it’s superb!

Textures and details!

Work in progress texture detail on the DCS: A-7E

FlyingIron Simulations has previous experience with building aircraft for X-Plane so when they announced that the A-7E Corsair II was coming to DCS World, I was excited to see what they might be able to do. If this work in progress detailing on a panel in the A-7E says anything – it’s certainly that they are detail oriented! Looking forward to seeing more of that.

We’re also learning just a little more about their intentions for the A-7E and what variation they intend to model.

A real A-7E Corsair II of VA-146 “Blue Diamonds” in flight on November 16, 1974.

According to Alex, listed as a developer on the FlyingIron Simulations Discord, the A-7E they intend to model is likely to include FLIR and HARM capabilities. Here’s what he said,

We haven’t chosen an exact aircraft just yet, but it would most likely be mid-late 80’s, around aircraft change 421 (BuNo. 156802). Again, nothing is set in stone just yet, but ideally the A-7E will have FLIR & HARMS.

Alex on the FlyingIron Simulations Discord

Alex also answered a question on release date saying the following,

We can’t give you an accurate estimate for at least a few more months, but we do hope to release it late this year.

Alex on the FlyingIron Simulations Discord

A 2020 release would be incredible but it’s also aggressive and it suggests either that their development has been progressing for quite some time behind the scenes and is further along than we know (which is quite possible) or that their end of year goal is aggressive.

Want to join their Discord? Join FlyingIron Simulations Discord right here.

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