DCS: F-15C and Su-27 free for the weekend!

Eagle Dynamics and The Fighter Pilot Podcast have partnered together on some themed content. The folks at The Fighter Pilot Podcast have just launched their Part 1 of a multi-part series on the F-15 Eagle and to match, Eagle Dynamics is making two of DCS World’s venerable air superiority fighters free for the weekend – you can fly the F-15C and Su-27 free until the 9th!

Podcast to match your flying

If you haven’t given the Fighter Pilot Podcast a listen, it’s well worth checking out with several veteran aviators part of the regular crew. Their featured guest for this series is Colonel Brian “Spiderman” Kamp U.S. Air Force (Retired) and their subject matter will be all things F-15A, B, C and D.

Their subject matters have covered plenty of different subject from aircraft to operations with the Coast Guard to Forward Air Controllers. Episode 28 focuses on Air Combat Simulation even!

F-15 and Su-27 free for the weekend

The DCS: F-15C Eagle and Su-27 Flanker are two of the “original” aircraft of Lock On: Modern Air Combat that eventually lead to DCS World. These two adversaries are among the best in the world at the job of air superiority and they have clashed in countless battles in the skies of DCS World.

Both jets are modeled with Eagle Dynamics best flight modeling level (the PFM or Professional Flight Model), however, their systems are simplified and they don’t have clickable cockpits. For some, this is a big issue, but for others it makes DCS World easier to access. Start-up requires just a couple of buttons and switching weapons and modes is easily done.

How do you get it and who is this for?

I’ve thought a bit about who this free weekend might be for and I think it really might appeal to those who have DCS World’s free version only and have been trying out the Su-25T or TF-51D Mustang. These two aircraft free for the weekend might convince them to jump into these lower cost and shorter difficulty curve in order to get started.

How do you get these? Just log-in to DCS World and check the modules screen (icon located along the top of the main menu screen) where there should be an indicator that says that you have a new module available.

Enjoy the free weekend!

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