TAW starts a 1944-45 Europe campaign

Tactical Air War (TAW) is one of the most unique servers in the IL-2 multiplayer world with its sign-up only, persistent campaign lasting over many weeks of continuous back and forth. Now the popular server launches a 1944-45 western Europe campaign!

What you need to know

The map… on the morning of March 8. The front lines will change!

Launched officially yesterday, TAW 1944 is the first time that the server has had an IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte scenario and it comes after what is surely many months of development by the team responsible for TAW.

TAW is a unique experience, as I said before, because it uses a sign-up only persistent campaign experience. The front lines will move, with the server refreshing every couple of hours, based on the actions of the players on the server. Tank attacks can succeed or fail based on how many remain after air attack, based on damage to supply convoys, and so on.

There are some noteable updates for this season of TAW including:

  • Rheinland area.
  • There will be two maps: Allied offensive on the first map, and Axis counter-offensive (operation Bodenplatte 01.01.1945) on the second map.
  • The same probability of capturing for both sides
  • Both sides have also information when others are attacking enemy targets (on the eastern front only Axis had it)
  • No paratroopers yet (not enough time do do it)
  • Airfields are closed if enemy tanks are about 30km from it (18km from the border airfield)

The planeset is spread slightly differently across the two maps.

Find out more about this season of TAW on the IL-2 forums or visit the TAW website to sign-up.

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  1. BlueHeron says:

    Nice, this might be just the thing to get me back online.

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