1CGS provides an update from the team

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is on nearly every web page, news site, employee memo and teachers note and we’ve already seen the initial impacts hitting the flight sim community in the form of hardware and shipping delays. 1CGS has provided an update on measures that their team is taking to keep them healthy and still making progress on the IL-2: Great Battles Series.

Working from home

A phrase many are becoming familiar with is ‘working from home’ and it seems that it is also now true for the 1CGS team. In an update provided by Jason Williams, IL-2’s Lead Producer, details on what the team was doing to try and avoid health risks associated with the virus including potentially working from home.

Here’s part of what he had to say,

Our first priority is to the health and well-being of the Sturmovik Development Team and their families. 1CGS has taken steps to keep the work environment in Moscow healthy and hopefully virus free. Many of you are dealing with the same thing at your place of business and in your own homes. It’s a crazy time to be honest. This event has already disrupted our team and not allowed Jason to travel to Moscow and meet with the team to plan future development of Great Battles. If it becomes necessary, most if not all of the team can work remotely from home and we can continue making progress on our development goals. Nevertheless, some disruption to our plans may occur. Let’s all hope this damn virus goes away and effective treatments and a vaccine is developed quickly.

Jason Williams

The bottom line is that the 1CGS team intends to work on, they can do so remotely from home if need be, and that there may be some delays associated with making that switch. It’s the same in my workplace as I’m sure it is in many other places facing shutdowns and closures as the situation develops.

Health of everyone is the priority including that of the 1CGS team.

There’s much more to Jason’s message so if you’re interested you should read that here.

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