DCS: A-10C finally getting tighter gun dispersion

A sore spot in what is otherwise regarded as DCS World’s most complete and best module to date is the gun dispersion of the GAU-8 Avenger cannon which many felt to be too wide compared to reality. Now, we’re learning that its accurate will be getting tighter after some re-evaluations!

Tightening things up

Co-founder Nick Grey has been much more active on r/Hoggit recently and has been interacting with many members of the community. One of the items, a longstanding gripe, is that on the dispersion of the 30mm cannon employed by the DCS: A-10C.

The community has long suggested that the dispersion, or the circle that rounds tend to fall within, has been too wide. That has been supported by lengthy community posts detailing information that is all available in public on the aircraft’s capabilities. Far beyond just a complaint that affects gameplay, this has been a very thorough debate that has gone on for years within the community and now we have some news!

Dear Sir, I have personally followed up on this point of dispersion and our engineer made a general mistake pertaining to gun installation rigidity. We are correcting this in those airframes concerned in the coming weeks. On a more general note to all who have valuable information to share, please know this: not all of the information which is written on forums is of a world class nature however we do try to follow up on most issues, especially when they seem plausible, but the nature of the beast is that some if not most software engineers are just human and don’t like their ‘babies’ to be criticized. Furthermore most of them are highly educated and it’s not always easy to get them to verify their stuff in great depth. However, rest assured that I have informed every single one of our guys and gals that they should always listen, analyse and verify and if we make mistakes then TAKE OWNERSHIP, thank the source for the insight and move forward, safe in the knowledge that we have made a community member happy and the program better. Thank you all for your continued support and passion. Yours sincerely Nick

Nick Grey on r/Hoggit

My reaction to this is very positive. Not only are they fixing a long standing issue but they also appear to be attempting to fix an issue within ED that has stymied many previous attempts to have issues like this one solved. Nick followed up with another answer when asked about the cultural connection that this may have.

Dear Sir, thank you for your comment. This isn’t a cultural thing, it’s personality and one we have to work with. Not all engineers are like this but the most brilliant ones are. Our chief aero dynamics engineer is one of those rare pearls. Exceptionally brilliant and sometimes stubborn too but an absolute delight to work with. A dynamite brain and character that sometimes needs some prodding 😂. Kind regards Nick

Nick Grey on r/Hoggit

I know exactly what Nick is talking about in a very similar context and his explanation hits home for me. Again, a little transparency on this goes a very long way and it helps us in the community understand DCS World’s development and Eagle Dynamics a little better.

No word on when that fix will appear but I look forward to it.


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