More changes coming to DCS: M-2000C

RAZBAM’s close relationship with the AdA continues to pay off with some more detail changes to the M-2000C further bringing the aircraft in-line with real world specifications for the delta wing jet fighter. Here’s the latest!

Details on what is changing

More changes coming to M-2000C

A little more re-learning might be needed with the M-2000C as RAZBAM responds to further changes on the M-2000C and brings the aircraft closer to it’s real world counterpart. Although these changes mean a bit of re-learning, it’s ultimately in the service of trying to make the most realistic and accurate representation of the Mirage 2000 possible.

In a Facebook post put up yesterday, RAZBAM detailed a long list of Operational Changes to controls in the jet, changes to the guns and rockets default firing modes, the removal of the 530 salvo mode, and more.

Read the full list on the RAZBAM Facebook page and look for updates coming soon.

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