FSExpo releases an update on the COVID-19 situation

I’ve been waiting with baited breath on what the escalating COVID-19 situation around the world might do to events such as the community run FlightSimExpo. This year’s 2020 expo is currently scheduled to be at the Tropicana in Las Vegas on June 12-14. The organizers have released a statement on the situation and I wanted to share that with readers here.

To cancel or not to cancel

According to the statement, FlightSimExpo organizers are currently still currently planning to host the event in June, however, they are continuing to monitor the situation.

FlightSimExpo is carefully monitoring the global health situation resulting from the novel coronavirus/COVID-19. The safety of our attendees, exhibitors, and partners remains paramount, as does being community-driven in our decision-making.

Read the full statement here. The team also tweeted the following:

Being a community run event, the organizers of FlightSimExpo take that community aspect seriously and will be circulating a survey later this month to determine what their plans are.

Of course, the situation is rapidly changing around the world and events including expos and conferences being cancelled all over the place. Everything from SXSW, E3, and WWDC to NBA, NCAA, NHL, Premier League and European league matches are all being cancelled and workplaces around the world are switching to working remotely. Schools are closing and universities and colleges are cutting short their semesters.

It’s a challenging and changing situation. Things may have dramatically improved by June when the expo is planned or we could still be in a difficult place where travel and large gatherings are not recommended. I am still hopeful that FSExpo will happen this year, however, I just don’t know if it will or if travel will be a recommended possibility by then. As always, I will cross my fingers and hope for the best on this.

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  1. GregP says:

    By complete coincidence, I recently planned a trip to Las Vegas that same weekend with some friends without even knowing about FS Expo. Who knows what will happen over the next three months, but I would definitely love to check it out while I’m there if it’s still on.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s a great expo and if you’re into the hobby I think you’d have a great time checking out everything that’s there. Some truly impressive stuff!

      Not sure what will happen. With air travel curtailed and new cases of the virus going up I’m starting to think that we’ll be dealing with this even in June. My fingers are crossed that things return to normal sooner than that…


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