RAZBAM shows off MiG-23 progress

The latest developer updates from RAZBAM are showing off progress on the MiG-23’s exterior model. The latest two shots show off the exterior of the MiG-23 coming along nicely as well as showcasing the very complex landing gear that the MiG-23 has. Let’s have a look!

New images!

While the first image shows off the complex modeling required for the landing gear, its the second image that is perhaps the most complete image that we’ve seen of the MiG-23 that RAZBAM has been working on for quite some time now.

The image showcases the wing shape of the MiG-23 nicely a well as the efforts by the modeler to bring the MiG-23 up to the latest in visual detail standards for DCS World.

The MiG-23 as far as I know is still intended to be an MLA version – a late modification that was lightened, improved, and given more engine power and electronic capabilities. A late gen 3 aircraft, the MiG-23MLA has just enough capability to fight at close to generation 4 capabilities which should make it an interesting aircraft open multiplayer scenarios.

For more, visit the RAZBAM Facebook page.

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