Matt Wagner walks us through DCS: Supercarrier ops and it’s great!

DCS: Supercarrier is coming with a projected early access release date of April 15th and Eagle Dynamics’ Matt Wagner has done a video showing off deck operations of the Supercarrier module so that we can see what it will be like now that they are closer to release. Let’s have a look!

The most realistic carrier ops ever?

It sure looks like Eagle Dynamics claim of offering up the most realistic example of deck operations of a modern super carrier is true. With five aircraft carriers (three in early access) coming and multiple stations built in as part of the final plan for the carrier, even the “basics” of deck operations appear to be incredibly detailed and immersive.

Watch Matt Wagner walk us through, tutorial style, how to do carrier deck operations and then watch again as a more cinematic take on flying off the deck plays with swelling music hitting at just the right moment. Nice.

As mentioned above, DCS: Supercarrier is expected to launch April 15 for $34.99 USD and with an extra discount if you already own DCS: F/A-18C Hornet which is tailor made by Eagle Dynamics to work with this module. Support for other carrier aircraft are coming and the DCS: F-14 will hopefully follow soon after. Check it all out on the DCS World eStore.

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  1. This module is definitely going to be in my collection. Amazing details, amazing work. I’ve always loved to take-off and land on carriers (WWII and Modern). This is fantastic! Thanks for the post, mate.



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  2. Francesco Kasta says:

    I cannot say I was mind blown because what Matt Wagner showed us is more or less what I was expecting. Although the interaction is very limited and the animations are a bit wacky (especially when transitioning from one animation to another), the deck now does feel (kind of ) alive and this I am sure will help immersion a lot when playing carrier ops.

    I am always happy to keep supporting the devs and the $25 price is fairly reasonable for Hornet owners. I will go as far as to say that it is a must have for the virtual NAVY pilots out there. Still, I cannot help but think they could have just included this with the Hornet as a gesture of good will.


  3. Rex says:

    I think the Super Carrier is one of the most awesome additions to any computer program, ever. For crying out loud, they deck personnel accurately hand0-signal you to the catapult. Mind kinda blown.


  4. Rex says:

    would appreciate it if you correct the typos in that last one. Sorry.


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