IL-2’s Yak-9, patch 4.005 take shape

1CGS reports that they have successfully transitioned to working from home and are doing their best to keep going reporting that they are working at their usual rate. Their update today focuses on their work on patch 4.005 as well as the upcoming Collector Plane – the Yak-9!

Yak-9 cockpit textured and in-engine

It’s always a good sign when we see the latest work from 1CGS go from renders inside an editor to screenshots from within IL-2: Great Battles itself. That’s where were at now with the Yak-9 which we now have seen in exterior view already with the cockpit now being shown too.

Note in these images that the iron sights that we saw in the early development renders of the cockpit appear gone. Will that be a modification? I’m curious for sure!

The developer update reports that the Yak-9’s texture work is progressing smoothly and that the flight model is also going on at full speed and should be ready for early summer. A bit later than I had expected but maybe not surprising given the week’s we’ve all had.

4.005 to be one of the biggest in the series history?

4K textures are coming to MiG-3 in patch 4.005

Patch 4.005 should incorporate quite a few updates. Damage model improvements listed today include blast and frag damage modeling which apparently were part of research that Digital Forms, the team working on Tank Crew tanks, were able to submit to the team. Visual and audio representation is also being updated.

According to the developers, over 90 items are being incorporated into patch 4.005 which include the damage model improvements, new content (the 4K textures for that MiG-3 and Bf109G-4 I’m looking forward to), improvements to current aircraft, new and updated tanks, audio improvements, and more.

Finally, coming in the longer term are rendering improvements that are surely referencing the deferred shading system that the team is actively working on. Today, Han had this brief note:

Since we plan to release important renderer improvements in late Spring, we set the workflow to develop the short and long term tasks simultaneously.

Han on the IL-2 forums

Frankly, that update may be coming sooner than I expected. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of visual updates it will be able to add and what kind of performance impacts it may or may not have. Using an alternate method can decrease performance but then it may also have smaller than expected impacts for much bigger visual gains. So we’ll have to see what happens there.

For everything included in today’s update, go check on the latest IL-2 developer diary!

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  1. bigalrico says:

    Indeed great news. I hope they release the update next week 😀 And don’t forget the binoculars for the tank commanders ;D I was also suprised by the hinted work on the rendering, but hey i don’t say no to it 😀

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