A glimpse of DCS’s new damage effects

Eagle Dynamics P-47D-30 is inching its way towards an early access release and along with it some important updates for DCS: WWII. A new screenshot released today shows off the P-47’s eight .50cal machine guns impacting on a Bf109 but it also is showing off the new damage effects. It’s a glimpse of what’s to come!

No more big puffs?

Currently in DCS World, everything from small machine guns to big cannons make rather large puffs of smoke. It’s dramatic but it’s also a little overdone for many kinds of weapons.

Lighter machine guns should cause more of a sparkle effect on the target if we go by much of the gun camera footage that has been released over the years. Eagle Dynamics is moving to incorporate that kind of effect in a future update.

.50cal machine guns impact a Bf109K-4 in a to be released version of DCS World

Damage modeling updates to the DCS WWII aircraft are a big part of the future for DCS World and DCS WWII. The model used at present doesn’t provide enough fine detail to make the smaller calibre machine guns used in the conflict to provide the more subtle kinds of damage that can be sustained. There are net benefits as even large scale cannon impacts will be more accurately represented. The visual representation of that damage model helps seal the deal so its nice to see that coming along!

Check out the thread where this image came from.

Thunderbolt coming soon?

The other piece of the image is yet another image showing off the new P-47 which is looking more and more ready to release.

Previously released screenshots have showed us the cockpit and the exterior work – all of which look superbly detailed as you’d expect from the folks at Eagle Dynamics. Eagle Dynamics has stated a few times that they expect this module will be on track to release sometime this spring and the latest news definitely suggests that too.

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    All that, is just superb !


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