Torquesim SR22 update

I’ve been keeping my eye on TorqueSim and their Cirrus SR22 being developed for X-Plane 11. This appears to be one of the hottest high-fidelity high-quality general aviation aircraft that we’ve seen in a little while for X-Plane and the latest developer diaries certainly have made convinced. Let’s check in on this project and see where it’s going.

Graphics, modeling, sound

X-Plane aircraft come in all varying levels of quality from a few stinkers to some very high quality high-end aircraft. The HotStart TBM 900 is often mentioned as being one of the highest quality experiences you can have in X-Plane with detailed modeling on a level that has been compared to DCS World high fidelity modules. Not every aircraft in X-Plane has that and certainly they have a model where there’s a great degree of flexibility.

TorqueSim look to be aiming for the same kind of fidelity from systems to sounds to graphics. Visually, the SR22 and SR22T that they are modeling have all of the high end expectations such as 4K texture resolution, PBR materials for that extra realistic look, and lots of small details.

The sound is their own custom FMOD (a sound engine) and while they or I could tell you about how they did it, ultimately it comes down to just how good it sounds and they have a YouTube video that really helps show it off.

They said its a work in progress but frankly it sounds excellent.

Then you have systems such as the avionics which are using a Laminar based G1000 system with some extra modifications. Those include Synthetic Vision which will display the terrain on the displays even in low visibility or light. There’s a custom engine page, checklists, a lean-assist system and finally their system is all designed to work with the RealSimGear G1000 + Cirrus Perspective Package – for the really serious simmer among us.

The engine modeling is a custom system that TorqueSim has done themselves. X-Plane’s extensibility allows for entirely new engine models and this lets them build something very specific to the SR22’s IO-550-N engine. That lets them do some cool things around systems persistence and wear and tear on an aircraft in the sim.

Then finally there’s the flight modeling and that is the subject of their latest blog post that came out today.

Detailed flight modeling

The green lines represent data points being generated by X-Plane’s flight model.

The final piece of the puzzle is flight modeling and it looks like TorqueSim is doing some interesting work there as well. Their latest blog update goes on to say,

That’s also why, just like with the engine, aerodynamics on the TorqueSim SR22 have been designed to take full advantage of the simulator’s capabilities and get as close as possible to the real world equivalent. Therefore a professional flight model of the SR22 was created by X-Aerodynamics in 2018 – over many months of work using all available resources and documents. It is up to the most recent standards and greatly benefits of the flight model improvements introduced with version 11.41 of the simulator and is ready for 11.50.

Torquesim Dev SR22 Update #5

The SR22 has some unique features including a non-continous leading edge which enables the aircraft’s inner wing to stall before the outer wing allowing pilots to maintain control even as the wing is beginning to stall. This feature plus something called stall strips on the wings ensure that the inner portions of the wing stall first.

Looks like a compelling package

With all of these details under the hood it makes the SR22 look like a very compelling and high end general aviation experience and it sounds very appealing to me. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one and on TorqueSim as they near release. Speaking of which, they were aiming at end of Q1, however, with a few delays they are now aiming for sometime early Q2 which could mean that it’s just weeks away.

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