Steam sale video includes new look at P-47 & Channel map

Matt Wagner has put together a short video talking about the Steam sale and the ending of one set of sales while another set of sales starts up. Regardless of if you’re using DCS World from Steam or not, you will probably be interested in the visuals of this video as it shows off the P-47 cockpit and new glimpses of the channel map.

Low and fast somewhere near the English channel

Watch carefully as the cockpit shows off what looks like a completed P-47 Thunderbolt cockpit and then look carefully as the map flowing past the windows is not the Normandy map but rather the new channel map. Looking good too!

The aircraft and map sale is coming to an end and so Matt Wagner has posted this video to remind everyone of that. Most maps and aircraft have been discounted up to 50% off. That ends April 3rd (tomorrow) at 5:00 pm GMT (or 1pm Eastern North America).

Following the end of this sale, another sale kicks off starting April 4th with as much as 50% off all DCS World helicopters and campaigns until the 18th of May. It’s part of the stay at home sale.

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  1. boxcarleader says:

    Engine sounds seem promising but gun barrels seem off


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I hadn’t noticed them on first watch. Something seems off about them?


      1. Skycat says:

        The barrels look too long in the forward view but I think it is a distortion caused by the camera position. At the very end of the video the view pans right and the barrels look normal.

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  2. Michael Thomas Dwyer says:

    I am a little annoyed at the timing of the sale and trial period. The sale on the aircraft ended today, but the free trial on some of those aircraft have not come yet. I ended up getting the Mig-15 and P-15, but really wanted to try out he Anton and then decide.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah that part doesn’t make as much sense. Timing the free trials along with the sale seems like a good idea to gain some extra sales – it certainly seems to have in the first half of the sale period.

      I’m very interested to check out the Fw190A-8 once that becomes available.


  3. Michael Thomas Dwyer says:

    ok, to correct my statement above, I think the sale end was for Steam only. The sale is still on for the DCS site.

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