Team Fusion teases next video with a dump of screenshots

Team Fusion is working towards their IL-2: Cliffs of Dover Version 5.0 North Africa release relatively unaffected by the recent disruptions around the world and they are teasing their next update video showing off the latest in visual effects for the new title – name still unannounced. Let’s have a look!

A bunch of new screenshots

The update coming out on their Facebook page mostly contains a dump of screenshots showing off a lot of the work that their team is doing. In the screenshots we some of the variety that they have built in to the new title. The new P-40 Tomahawk from both inside and out, the Wellington bomber, Bf109F with and without gunpods, the Spitfire V with the Volkes tropical filter, as well as a Bf110 and Ju87.

Expect a new video from Team Fusion in the coming days or weeks and look a little further afield as they press on towards release of their new title. An announcement is surely due as we move towards that time.

Check them out on the official forums or on the Team Fusion Facebook page.


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