FlightSimExpo update tomorrow on future of the expo

The organizers of FlightSim Expo have announced that they will be informing the public what their plans are with regards to the future of the expo. Here’s what we know right now.

Stay tuned!

Last year’s FlightSimExpo in Orlando was an incredible event with many dozens of vendors being there showing off their products and talking with flight sim fans and pilots looking for training systems. That prestigious list included vendors like Thrustmaster, a low key presence by Eagle Dynamics Matt Wagner and Jason Williams from 1CGS showing off the IL-2 series.

While I was excited for the expo coming in June, the worldwide health crisis that is unfolding right now has seen a great many events cancelled, worldwide travel curtailed, and doors closed everywhere. The organizers are announcing an update on the future of the series coming tomorrow, April 11, at 1:00 pm PDT/4:00 pm EDT/20:00 GMT.

You can watch the stream live tomorrow right here.

Looking ahead? has been signed up as an official media partner for FSExpo2020 and I was looking forward to attending. However, given the current travel restrictions and the likelihood that they will not be lifted in time for June it’s almost a lock that I won’t be able to make it despite my desire to go.

Still, there’s more than one way to have an expo and so we’ll see what the organizers have planned for this year and potentially for next year as well. With some luck, I hope that we’ll be in a healthier place by 2021 and there will be no question about attending.

Stay tuned for the announcement tomorrow!

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