DCS: Nevada’s turn to be free for the next two days

Eagle Dynamics ongoing free trial event continues today with DCS: Nevada being up for free trial. What is the map all about, what does it look like, and how is it relevant to DCS World pilots? Let me try and help you answer some of those questions.

From Vegas to the deserts, lakes and canyons of Nevada

DCS: Nevada is an interesting map for DCS World as it’s the only one set in the continental United States. It’s also the map that was first made for DCS World 2.0 alpha that served as the development base that ultimately lead us to where we are with DCS World 2.5.

This map helped set the standard for Eagle Dynamics maps in the 2.x era and it was the push that lead them to make DCS: Persian Gulf even better. It has many of the same features with a relatively detailed desert topology with plenty of mountains and dry lake beds along with a long list of landmarks and a dense urban area in the form of Las Vegas.

Nevada also comes with some very interesting airbases and territory including Nellis Air Force, Creech Air Force Base, and the infamous Groom Lake facility – you may know this one as being referred to popularly as Area 51. There are several smaller airports on the map including Tonopah, Lincoln County, Mesquite and more. There’s also McCarran International Airport located in the middle of Vegas itself.

How does the Nevada map fit into the mix?

While DCS: Caucasus and DCS: Persian Gulf tie into two regions that have been or maintain the potential to be real world hotspots leading to all kinds of simulated fictional scenarios, DCS: Nevada has less credibility in that regard and so it fits into the mix of available maps differently.

Nevada is instead the home of large scale exercises like Red Flag. There are several Red Flag themed campaigns and scenarios both of the free and paid for variety that make ample use of the map for this purpose. Beyond that you may struggle to find the map as useful although it’s an absolute treat to just fly around and enjoy the scenery.

The map itself is well done although certainly outside of Vegas and a few other notable areas the detail levels go down. Not unlike what we see with DCS: Persian Gulf. It still holds up well despite being an older map and as you’ll see in my screenshots section… It can look beautiful.

Does it make sense for you to buy? That’s entirely up to you. It has less use online than Caucasus and Persian Gulf but if you enjoy single player, you want to explore a new area, and you like the idea of doing some of the Red Flag exercises… this map may appeal.

Remember, it’s free today and tomorrow (April 11 and 12) so check it out and see for yourself!


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Another excellent map. I fly over Groom Lake more than anywhere else in DCS. My private testing area with the 20,000′ runway. Any demo plane I try gets tried out here first. And any scenario I plan out in the FMB also gets a test run here.

    The Persian Gulf map is fantastic, but I use the Nevada map more often.

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