FlightSimExpo 2020 is cancelled

It may not be much of a surprise given the large number of cancelled events stretching out over the next several months, however, it is now official from the organizers of FlightSimExpo that the 2020 edition of the expo is now officially cancelled. Here are the details.

Community voted

The organizers of the expo have long maintained that it’s an event run by the community, for the community, and they put a vote out to the community to explore different options. According to the press release, the community survey in the following ways.

  • Cancel now: 46%
  • Postpone now, to later in 2020: 23%
  • Wait until closer to the event to cancel or postpone: 31%

Additionally, only 25% of the responses supported doing a virtual event. Clearly we’ve got enough virtual in our lives and FlightSimExpo is a way to connect in person on the hobby and training tools that these flight sims support.

What’s next?

Fortunately it sounds like the organizers are optimistic about the future and are working to cancel everything for this year’s event and aim to run another expo in 2021.

Consequently, we are focusing our efforts on canceling this year’s event and planning the next in-person FlightSimExpo in June 2021. As we work through that process, the opportunity may arise to run an online-only event. However, as only 25% of attendees indicated a willingness to participate in a paid online event, our options are limited. We will continue to evaluate this opportunity in the coming weeks.

Their Facebook page has, weeks before this all hit, showed photos of them scouting out locations for next year so with a little luck I hope that we’ll be able to get together again in 2021 for the next FlightSimExpo.

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