Stumovikfest: 24-hours in and I’m already blown away!

When I announced Sturmovikfest yesterday I honestly wasn’t sure what the reaction would be from the community. With so many different moving pieces and open doors it was hard to know… But in the less than 24-hours since I made the announcement I’ve just been blown away by the reaction from all across the community. I’m going to miss some folks here but I want to try and point out some highlights and share a few details as they develop.

From giveaways to event themed skins and special multiplayer events

The IL-2 community has rallied around this idea in ways that I could never have expected. That was part of the idea around this, to tap into all of our creative ideas and give us something positive to focus on during a time that is otherwise troubling. Honestly the range of things that people are talking about or already doing is blowing me away.

Skin artist ROCKET_KNUT from the IL-2 forums presented me (and the rest of the community) with this gem of a skin on the A-20B. I don’t know if ROCKET_KNUT knows how much I love flying the A-20B but you can bet I will be running with this skin any chance I get! You can download it here.

More than a half dozen people have already approached me about doing giveaways of IL-2 related content. streamer Rhyn0 is running a massive giveaway he just announced in association with the festival.

Server administrators from a couple of popular IL-2 servers have approached me with ideas that they have for the festival. Special missions, new features, and some other interesting details that they will be sharing closer to the festival.

At least one person has proposed a mass formation fly-in with the goal of getting as many people in a single formation as possible. If the plan comes to pass you can bet it will be on the schedule.

And finally, 1CGS has given the festival a shout-out on their Facebook page. Thank you 1CGS and to Jason who has been supportive of the idea from the start.

More to do and more to come

There’s lots going on and much more to do on this so stay tuned for future updates about the festival. I’d like to get a good sense of the multiplayer schedule coming up soon. In the meantime… I’ve got a podcast coming together as well.

If you have questions you’d like me to try and put into a Q&A with Jason (I can’t promise every single one will be asked but I will try to work them in), let me know!

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  1. Joe says:

    Sure, I wonder when Il:2 Great Battles will start doing the Pacific Theatre.


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