DCS: F/A-18C is finally getting that air-to-ground radar mode

It’s been on DCS World wishlists for many years, before the many of the current slate of aircraft had even been announced, and it’s finally coming to the DCS: F/A-18C (to start) – I am of course talking about air-to-ground radar modes. Matt Wagner provided an added update earlier today that shows us our first image of the system working on the F/A-18.

Coming soon!

Eagle Dynamics Chief Operating Officer Kate Perederko already covered some of these details in the release of their latest roadmap, however, Matt Wagner came in with some more specific details on the Hornet and a new screenshot.

Matt talks about the features that are coming first and what they will be doing later. Here’s what he had to say,

One of the biggest new items in development for the Hornet is the Air-to-Ground (AG) radar. We will start with the Real Beam MAP mode, and then implement other modes that include Ground Moving Target (GMT), Sea Search (SEA), and Terrain Avoidance (TA).

Today was a milestone in that we introduced the AG radar rendering into our internal development version (what we term the trunk). This is still very much work-in-progress, but as we flesh it out, I’ll be sure to bring you updates.

Matt Wagner

And here’s the screenshot which really helps bring it home!

Looking forward to the added functionality.

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