Eagle Dynamics shows off new Mi-24 screenshots, new details

Helicopter fans will surely be interested to see the latest on the Mi-24P Hind that Eagle Dynamics is working on bringing to DCS World. This iconic Russian helicopter is beginning to really take shape and the latest images show the attention to detail that we’ve come to expect.

Hind takes texture and form

Closer looks at the exterior of the cockpit, the rotor system and one of our best looks at the 3D model itself, the Mi-24P hind is really starting to come together which is very exciting.

The development report for this week says that they are currently working on the programming for the rear seat as well as the mapping display. Meanwhile, the 3D model and texture work (as we’ve seen above) are well underway and the flight model programming is being worked on.

Notably, the report this week says that once the DCS: P-47 is out into early access, the flight model team will be working full time to bring the Mi-24’s flight model to life.

For the rest, visit the DCS World Weekend News.

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  1. Matt Lewington says:



  2. Christoph Müller says:

    Hi mate,

    as always, nice blog post and fantastic pics. I’m really looking forward to this beast. The only thing I might miss with it, is a map of Afghanistan.


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  3. Doctor Drago says:

    Oh baby, I can’t wait for this one. Always one of my favorite heli silhouettes – something about the double bubble canopies and stub wings just works for me.


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