Sign-up for Operation D’Archangel, Friday Night Flights and Project R!

Three separate events are happening at the end of this first annual Sturmovikfest that you may want to know about because they require you to sign-up to participate – and from the looks of it, signing up will be worth it! This is how you can take part in some fun multiplayer events to round out the festival atmosphere.

Friday Night Flights

If you’ve wanted to go on the Combat Box server but participate in a bigger team organization, Friday Night Flights might be the event. This is a team based event with organized missions and flight groups made up of individuals as well as virtual squadrons all coming together to perform part of a mission.

Here’s what the organizer, Sketch has to say about the event,

While the Combat Box will still be running for open play during our event, Friday Night Flights will ONLY accept registered participants. To register, you only need to fill out the registration form on the link provided above, and the algorithm will place you into a squad based on your selections. Signing up gets you all the cool perks you’d expect from Friday Night Flights. You’ll be able to fly with like minded pilots who care about their lives, you will have a goal in mind with these like-minded pilots, you won’t have unnecessary radio chatter (anymore than usual), you’ll have a nearly guaranteed spot on the server, and you’ll most likely have a hell of a good time. Additionally, you’ll receive a mission briefing on Thursday explaining the mission, loadout, and where to report to. This way the enemy won’t know our plans. Here’s an example of a previous mission briefing: FnF is an organized event, but we will never recruit you. All squadrons and ALL PILOTS are welcomed to join in on FnF. Us organizers just want to fly, drink, and have a great time together in a slightly organized fashion with the rest of the community. Won’t you come join us? As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions; I’m always willing to listen. Just PM me, or ask in this channel. See you guys Friday at 9pm Eastern, and don’t forget to sign up!

Sketch on the Combat Box Discord

Sign-ups are available for both Red and Blue teams and if you’re interested in participating in the Friday, May 1st event at 8pm EDT, you should check out the Combat Box Discord under #looking-for-a-wingman and check out the sign-up here.

Saturday: Operation D’Archangel

The =RS= squadron is putting on a team battle called Operation D’Archangel. I’ll let Nolly, the organizer from the squadron, explain the rest.

As part of Sturmovikfest, RS Raven Squadron are pleased to present “Operation D’archangel”, a competitive bomber escort and interception mission. Two teams will battle against each other and the clock to get their bomber formations to the target and back – and then prevent the enemy from doing the same.

The mission begins at 0400hrs in game time – so the first bomber waves are in darkness. The plane set gets better as the mission progresses, but the bombers also rise with the sun – getting higher and higher!

The winning team will get a single collector plane of the recipients choice as a prize, that they can award to the team member who gave the most outstanding service. This they must decide amongst themselves. 

-RS-Nolly on the IL-2 forums

The event will be happening on Saturday May 2nd and you can get more information on the official thread for the event here. Event communications will be available here.

Sunday: Tournament day for Project R

Project R racing is having a sign-up racing tournament on Sunday and it looks like it’s going to be a big event! With some star pilots applying to take part in the event. Think you have the racing chops to compete? Here’s your chance!

48 racers will sign-up and race with all racers getting at least two racing chances in. Here’s what Mordrac on the Combat Box server had to say,

Sunday is race day. We will host our first organized tournament with a total of 48 pilots! APPLICATION REQUIRED! Apply in #tournament on Discord by writing your name and pinging @referee role. REQUIRED AIRPCRAFT: P-51D Spitfire MK IX I-16 FW190D9 Tempest The tournament will start 1600UTC and will take approximately 2 hours! The tournament is structured in such a way that every pilot flies at least two races. Use of comms is highly encouraged. The winner of the tournament will receive a nice discord role until the next tournament. More details will follow!

Sign-up on Combat Box Discord to enter!

Wrapping up Sturmovikfest

This weekend will see the end of Sturmovikfest. A full week of events, fly-ins, and more. I’ll be doing a more complete wrap-up later on but for now I recommend everyone check out the schedule and make sure you’re not missing out!

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