Sturmovikfest Day Six: Weekend events start!

It’s Friday and the weekend kicking off which means that we’re in the final stretch of three days worth of events as part of the wrap-up of the first annual Sturmovikfest. Today, The Unprofessionals, Friday Night Flights, Grim Reapers special mission, and a regular fly-in on Combat Box help round out the events going on.

For my part I’m planning to get onto The Unprofessionals and check out the Grim Reapers special mission a well. I hope to be elsewhere depending on how my time works. Hope to see many people out for the rest of the festival as we fly through the weekend.

Check out my recent post on Project R, Operation D’Archangel, and Friday Night Flights for more details there.

Or, check the schedule for more details!

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