Sturmovikfest Day Five: Flying Circus fly-in!

It’s day five and it’s also Thursday which means we’re taking to the skies on the Jasta 5 Flugpark server for the Thursday Night Fly-in. Don’t have Flying Circus yet? There may still be ways to get involved!

Fly (or ride along) on Flugpark!

At 8:00 pm GMT (4:00 pm EDT) and then again at midnight GMT (8:00 PM EDT), join in on the Jasta5 server for some fun with Flying Circus Vol 1. Thursday nights are a regular occurrence for the Flying Circus part of the community but lets see if we can get even bigger numbers than usual!

With recon and target objectives as well as plenty of air combat, Jasta5 is an ideal way to experience Flying Circus’ multiplayer.

If you don’t own Flying Circus, you might still be able to get some of the experience sitting in the gunner seat of the Bristol F.2B or Halberstadt CL.II. Be sure to check in on the Jasta 5 discord or ask in chat to see if anyone will let you fly with them. It can be a lot of fun and a great way to appreciate the detail of the aircraft of Flying Circus.

Login tonight

So, be sure to hop in on Jasta5’s Flugpark tonight and see what Flying Circus multiplayer is like. Visit their website here and visit their Discord here.

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