How close is DCS: P-47 Thunderbolt to early access?

If this Friday’s edition of the DCS: World Weekend News is anything to go by, Eagle Dynamics is awfully close now to releasing their DCS: P-47 into early access. Here’s the latest!

New development report

A short form development report on the DCS: P-47 suggests that a lot of things are in the final tweaking stages before the P-47 is released.

The report focuses on two key areas: the external model and the cockpit night lighting. Instrument luminescence from the UV lighting system has been implemented and the cockpit looks like it’s had another pass to make sure it’s ready. The exterior model has also apparently been tweaked and the latest screenshots show off what is likely a finished model quite well.

Finally, they report that the undercarriage is being tuned for ground handling and that engine systems are in the final testing stages.

New screenshots have been released to show the latest progress.

So, how close is it?

Fans of the Thunderbolt are likely to be looking at these latest updates and thinking that this module is quite close to early access and I would agree. Everything points to this DCS WWII module being ready to go and may be released within a few weeks time. This is a purely speculative guess but with so much of this module looking finished or at least ready for early access testing by the wider DCS World fan base, it’s I think a safe guess.

Another indication is the interview that The Grim Reapers did with Nick Grey, co-founder of Eagle Dynamics. The interview is pretty far reaching but it is focused a lot on the P-47 and how the DCS version compares versus the real one (very close from the sounds of it), how it flies compared to other warbirds, and how long the development process took. Among other items discussed.

It all suggests to me that things are now very close to release.

Stay tuned!

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    I’ve never been a big P-47 fan and probably won’t buy it, but Nick Grey said the cockpit is supposed to be as good as anything DCS has done, so that’s tempting.

    Maybe when it’s on sale next Christmas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m not sure if I’ll be buying it right away either although I am a P-47 fan and I do very much want to compare 1CGS P-47 with ED’s P-47.

      I think a lot of WWII fans are, however, going to be pretty excited to pick this one up. The prospects of the most realistic P-47 to date are likely very tempting – although I’m concerned that it may not fly the way some expect it to.


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