Flying on The Unprofessionals server with Magz and Deadmeat

Yesterday, as part of Sturmovikfest, I joined in on The Unprofessionals server for the Australian fly-in. It was an early start for me but a worthwhile one as I got a chance to fly with Deadmeat and Magz for some fun combat missions on the server. Here’s a brief recap of our flights and my experiences on flying on a server that is half a world away.

Flying some bomber sorties

We thought we were evening up the teams as Deadmeat and I joined in on the Axis side and decided to do some bomber flying – in the rain. It was like pea-soup out there but we took to the skies in a pair of He111H-16’s and we managed to locate the target, drop bombs, and return to base.

It’s been a while since I flew the He111 of any kind so it was nice to branch out and fly some other aircraft. The H-16 version comes well armed and its massive SC250 payload can make for some rather large explosions.

Flying in low cloud, haze, and rain online is quite a bit of fun in my opinion too. Relying more on instrumentation than what you can see is definitely a challenge but it worked out in our favour just fine.

Approaching the target at about 1,500 meters, we attempted to target an industrial area. I actually missed the target area by a fair bit on my drop but I chalk that up to being rusty and not knowing the target well but it was a well coordinated drop anyways.

Although I’m sure they were trying to find us, no fighters ultimately intercepted us and we managed to return to base without incident.

Gunner station

Our next sortie was short and saw us both intercepted and shot down near a second target we decided to attack. That ended rather suddenly so we were on to

Another sortie at all as the server had 10 minutes left before it was going to roll over to the next map so I decided to be a gunner. YouTuber Magz from MagzTV was flying his own sortie a little later than ours and diverted onto a nearer target at treetop height and flying directly over the enemy airbase.

The flak and enemy fighter activity was intense. A couple of fighters tried to stop us but we managed to get to target and Magz massive bombload went off just a few seconds after we passed over taking out a pursuing fighter.

By then it was too late, however, and our bomber was on fire and went went into the water. What a rush though! And you can watch these and other events unfold on Magz’s YouTube channel right here.

Dusk flight

Our last sortie saw Deadmeat and several other pilots providing fighter cover while Magz and I flew Ju88A-4’s to a target along the Black Sea coast near Gelendzhik.

After flying very low over the water, and me wondering why I wasn’t able to catch Magz (I had my flaps down), we finally caught up semi-near the target.

Doing a pop-up attack, we took our Ju88’s over the target zone unleashing our first set of bombs. A few misses and a couple of hits later we were back over the target and dealing with defending fighters. Fortunately, we had help and most of the fighters were otherwise occupied.

A P-38 made an attempt to shoot us down but our gunners peppered him with bullets and he crashed. Surprisingly, I don’t think my Ju88 was hit once during this engagement.

With bombs on the target we made our way back to the base and a nice smooth landing.

Fly with The Unprofessionals

Those in the Oceana area often struggle with access to multiplayer servers with plenty of problems cropping up because of internet infrastructure issues. I’ve heard more than on Australia lament some of their internet issues and so I think those of us in North America and elsewhere worry that the problems affecting Australian internet will affect us too when we connect to a server located ‘down under.’

Fortunately, Deadmeat, has been able to relocate The Unprofessionals to a datacentre and the result is exceptional. Connecting from the east coast of North America to Australia for our multiplayer session and I did not once see any connection problems at all.

Flying in close formation with Magz and Deadmeat could invite disaster if we suddenly saw packet loss or some sort of other problem and absolutely none materialized.

The Unprofessionals is a great server to check out even if the player numbers are low as Deadmeat has intentionally built the server’s scenarios to be accommodating for small player numbers. The whole point of the server is to have fun and so the aircraft set opens the door to unique combinations you might not otherwise find. Want to challenge yourself to engage a Tempest with a Bf109E-7? You can do that and several players have reported just how much fun those kinds of battles can be.

So, give The Unprofessionals a look for some great multiplayer fun!

Thank you Magz and Deadmeat!

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