Cliffs of Dover TFS 5.0 goes beta plus mass flypast for V-E Day

Team Fusion has announced that their TFS version 5.0 development has gone into beta as the team works towards the latest release for IL-2: Cliffs of Dover and for their new and not yet named North Africa expansion. They have also announced a mass formation event coming up to celebrate the 75th anniversary of victory in Europe on Friday May 8th.

Beta announced

Team Fusion’s Beta announcement means that the team is taking the latest version of IL-2: Cliffs of Dover out of the alpha development phase and are now actively crushing bugs and getting the new patch and its new content ready for release.

We still don’t quite know what Team Fusion intends to call their new update with its North Africa map and all new planeset featuring a variety of new and modified aircraft coming from Cliffs of Dover. Nonetheless, we know it is moving forward and you can bet that an announcement will be coming sooner or later.

Team Fusion has also released a series of other posts that suggest that release may be coming sooner than later as they have talked about excitement on the new community skins that will invariably be created after release. They used that opportunity to show off some custom skins of their own on the Spitfire Vc.

Mass formation event on V-E Day

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of V-E Day, Team Fusion is staging a mass formation event (those are becoming popular!) this Friday, May 8th, at 10:00 am GMT (or 6:00 AM EDT and 3:00 am PDT). The release will happen on the Team Fusion YouTube channel so stay tuned for that!


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