MicroProse announces three titles, teases more!

The big announcement from MicroProse is here and its a bit of a surprise! MicroProse is not back just as a developer of games but also a publisher with the announcement that they are joining forces with Triassic Games, Drydock Dreams Games, and Hexdraw as the future publisher for all three of these developers titles. Let’s have a look at each!

Task Force Admiral

If you read my earlier article or follow Stormbirds on Twitter, you probably know Task Force Admiral and the development efforts of the folks over at Drydock Dreams Games. The concept behind Task Force Admiral is centred around carrier operations during World War II in the Pacific.

You assume command of an American fleet complete with a huge range of ships and aircraft over the course of dozens of scenarios where each decision you make can affect the overall outcome. There’s a solid sprinkling of air combat in here as it is the primary means of each fleet engaging each other. Although you don’t take direct control, what I’ve seen of the this so far makes me pretty excited to try commanding the skies over the Pacific.

Sea Power

Under developed by Triassic Games, Sea Power is somewhat similar to the above Admiral Taskforce but with a more modern direction that is focused on Cold War era naval combat. Featuring a wide variety of ships and aircraft including the F-14 Tomcat, A-7 Corsair II, Tu-22 Backfire, and Tu-95 Bear, this also looks like a very interesting strategy game with that real time component that makes it very engaging.

I had intended to do a little coverage on this title when I had a chance to have a look at it more closely.

Second Front

Marketed as a turn-based strategy game, Second Front is pretty far from the usual simulation focus of Stormbirds.blog and it’s in a genre that doesn’t excite me the way flight and simulations do in general. That said, some of you may be looking for something like this and I’d encourage you to check it out if you do.

Expecting something else? This is just a start!

Some are expressing a little disappointment or at least surprise at the announcements today and I think it’s because we all thought MicroProse was going to announce some new titles from their internal development today. I certainly focused my speculation yesterday that we were going to find out about what they had been building towards with many of their teasers.

Future title announcements are still coming according to the announcement today so I wouldn’t be too disappointed yet. This is just the start.

I also think this is still a major announcement. Why is that? Because this signals MicroProse clearly has an ambitious set of plans not only to develop internally but also to pull together some indie developers doing some impressive work and bring them into the fold too. That is potentially a big deal.

There is definitely a hint of the classic MicroProse at work here. The companies long history of both developing internally and bringing in other developers to build out a diverse array of game titles was very successful in their heyday and it is possible that they would like to capture that reputation again. Their simulation focus is very exciting to me and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out!


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  1. Gretsch_Man says:

    Task Force Admiral is already on my radar, altough it’s not a real ‘cockpit sim’. I think it would be great if Microprose would again start to make more serious simulations, be it flight sims, naval sims or whatever.

    I’ve been playing Microprose titles since the mid 80’s and have always held them in high regards. I would just love to see their come-back.

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  2. Fernando says:

    Playing MicroProse titles since Commodore 64 (Gunship, Airborne Ranger…) I’m very excited with the good news and Sea Power will be a insta buy for me. Cold War gone hot ! Seems it will be a 2021 title (discord info) so… a long year ahead. But we are trained with all the other games/sims hehe Thanks for the news as always.

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    1. Greg Flinchbaugh says:

      Airborne Ranger… I have not heard that name in a long time, loved that, used to play with my younger brother for days. Simpler times that I miss.

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  3. bigalrico says:

    I was too young for Micropose but from what i hear it is a great dev. Hope the best for Task Force Admiral 😀 I’m really hyped for this title even when it is only for the american side. I hope they expend with a dlc or another title of this series to the japenese side 😀 But even now it will be an instant buy for me as soon it’s going to be released 🙂

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      They seem to have a good plan keeping their first release focused on the US side which leaves them open to do a really good and well detailed follow through for Japan as well. I’m excited by the possibilities!

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      1. bigalrico says:

        That’s true and what I’m hoping for 😀


  4. BlueHeron says:

    Holy crap!
    “B-17 Flying Fortress simulators were among the old publisher’s biggest hits, so a co-operative VR title about flying one of these iconic aircraft is in the works.”


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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Very interesting!


  5. Ian says:

    Thanks for your initial heads up on TFA, it’s a must buy for me

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  6. scottgridley says:

    WWII Pacific carrier ops have been noticeably missing from our recent offerings in PC gaming. The folks at 1C teased an IL-2 expansion in that theater, however it’s been back-burnered. I’m pretty excited to see TFA, but I still think there’s a market for a true simulator experience.

    Oh and B-17 VR coop or not will be FANTASTIC!

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