Surprise! TrueEarth Southern California is now available

It was only a couple of days ago that Orbx announced the latest in their TrueEarth line-up – Southern California for X-Plane 11. And now it’s here with a special introductory discount offer. Let’s have a look!

From Los Angeles to San Deigo and a bunch more!

I covered a lot of the details of TrueEarth Southern California just a couple of days ago but to recap, Orbx’s latest scenery package offers 250,000 square kilometers of high resolution satellite imagery that has been hand corrected and combined with Orbx’s excellent auto-gen and custom objects. There are detailed cityscapes with 1,000 hand placed objects.

The results are typically stunning in my experience – provided you have the hard drive space to store the HD version and the screenshots above show off how good it can look.

Introductory sale

Orbx’s TrueEarth Southern California is on sale with a 20% discount for 3 days. If you’re interested and want to buy it, now is probably a good time to get a discount on this scenery package. HD and SD versions are available via Orbx Direct and on the Orbx website.


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