Matt Wagner prepares us for DCS: Supercarrier

A new tutorial video from Matt Wagner is out and prepares us for the launch of DCS: Supercarrier which the video states is coming later this month. Many of you are waiting with baited breath as this module creeps towards an initial launch and it does seem with each passing announcement to be closer. Watch this latest turtorial to see how you’ll interact with Supercarrier.

Connected to other modules

As the following video makes clear, DCS: Supercarrier is very much connected to other modules. That’s especially true of the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet which is what Eagle Dynamics built Supercarrier around although DCS: F-14 support is meant to be there at some point as well (we’re not too clear how fully featured it will be on launch).

Check out the video below.

Not too long now…


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  1. Martin says:

    I have notice he has an icon of the A-10C II.
    What do you know about this? Are they going to release a new version?
    About the Supercarrier, the ground crew moves are super realistics. I think Im going end up talking to these people…


  2. clannk says:

    a-10c v2 was announced a little while ago. no official word yet on features. folks who know the IRL aircraft think we’ll get upgraded avionics and the warthog’s version of jhmcs.

    i’m hoping we’ll get the apkws laser guided rockets (similar to those on JF-17 Thunder), and hopefully some other upgraded or new weapon we haven’t had til this point.

    afaik, the aircraft itself has never really been upgraded, so though we’ll see an updated external model with more detail, etc., the performance in-game is unlikely to change.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I am hoping that the external model is updated on both versions as it sounds like ED intends to keep both around.

      But yeah the upgrades to avionics and the helmet display will surely be appreciated by a number of Warthog drivers.


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